Friday, December 28, 2012

The Wool, the Pin and I

                                                           The famous ice-cream hat

                                                                Midnight Rose

                                                                      Orange Bliss

     Crocheting/knitting has always been one of my favorite past times. Although as of recent I haven't had the time to crochet because school just gets incredibly busy. I found out about this club on campus the other day that crochets for two hours every Monday, and they looked so adorable all crocheting by the fireplace. I am considering joining the club, to help improve my crocheting skills and learn new projects! I guess time will tell.

    I crocheted these hats a while back, it took me about a week to get done with all of them (yes I'm a bit of an old lady sometimes haha). My sister and I had a lot of fun modelling the hats, even though it was freezzinggg outside.

                                                          Thanks for reading! - Onivie xo

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