Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Lupita Nyong'o Inspired LookBook

Salut mes beautes intelligentes,

I am very pleased and excited to share my very first styling project with you guys!!! This was also my first time directing and styling a shoot, and part of what I worked on during my time at the Fashion Institute of Technology this summer. The client I chose for this project is the one and only Lupita Nyong'o - an academy award winning Kenyan actress! I chose Lupita for this project because not only does she have a great sense of style and color, but I wanted to go for someone that would serve as a good challenge for me. I was starting to get accustomed to styling for my skin tone, and body type, and so I found this project very refreshing and unique. You can view more of Lupita's style, here :)

We all know Lupita is known for wearing juxtaposing colorful dresses that elegantly complement her skin tone, which is why I went with bright colors with pieces that show off her superb figure, and took a few risks with the printed patterns. I gravitated towards African print in order to incorporate her culture (and mine - reppin Naija lol), and highlight the fusion between African prints and modern day wear (African Fusion, as I like to call it. :D). Thank you for reading, and enjoy!


© Photo by Alexandra Genova

© Photo by Alexandra Genova

© Photo by Alexandra Genova

Dress: Anthropologie
Grey Purse (Clutch): Aldo
Grey Heels: Aldo
Emerald Earrings: Anthropologie


© Photo by Alexandra Genova

© Photo by Alexandra Genova

Stella Jean Dress: Matches Fashion (here)
Red Purse (Clutch): Aldo
Red Heels: Payless


© Photo by Alexandra Genova

© Photo by Alexandra Genova

White Cropped Top: ASOS (here)
Printed Scuba Skirt: ASOS (here)
Nude Heels: Aldo
Purse: Aldo
Stud Earrings: Aldo

Here's a link to the video I made about the project/shoot, in case you'd like to view how the outfits look worn, and all that jazz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkuVOmYr2RQ&feature=youtu.be

Model: Illy Ali
Photographer: Alexandra Genova
Stylist & Creative Director: Yours Truly - Onivie

Many thanks to Illy and Alexandra!!! Couldn't have done this without you two :)

Stay Smart, Stay Beautiful,

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  1. I loved all the outfits in this post but especially that scuba skirt!!!!!!