Monday, July 1, 2013

Feel The Rain

"Do not be angry at the rain, it simply does not know how to fall upwards." - Vladimir Nabokov

Hello, darlings! The other day I was determined to go exploring. It was yet another rainy day (I hate the rain sometimes, I must say) in Seattle, but I didn't let that stop me haha. Since the weather was warm, I was able to rock this maxi dress, which I so happen to love, and a comfortable pair of sandals (I could afford to wear sandals because it was not a heavy pour. Yay!)

  I got to spend the rest of the day with my brother, who ended up taking most of these pictures lol. We walked around downtown Seattle, saw World War Z at a cinema, and got to catch up. :)

 It got a little chilly towards the end of the day, which is why I have a leather jacket on. :D

                                                                  Starbucks - Cha-ching!

    I'm yet to go shopping at Pike's Place, which as a "Seattleite" is unacceptable. My brother gave me this incredible idea the other day (yes, I have a lot of siblings lol), and I'm thinking of starting an International Food series, where I try recipes from different parts of the world. I am so excited about this, as there are so many recipes I've wanted to try out for the longest time. This will be give me a great opportunity to not only make some cultural entrees, but also go shopping at Pike's Place. If you have any recipe/country recommendations, please do tell. :)

Rock My Look
Maxi Dress - Macy's
Sandals - A Present XD
Cropped Denim Jacket - Forever 21
Black Leather Jacket - H & M
Travel Tote - Michael Kors
Burnt Orange Satchel - H&M (old)



  1. Hi there Onivie! Love your dress so unique and also I added you on GFC and on my bloglovin list as well :)
    Support my blog giveaway on Smize with Style =)

  2. i loooove your outfit! everything goes perfectly with each other c:
    oh and by the way, i've nominated you for the Liebster Award! check out my blog (click) if you want to find out more about it!

    xox, charley

  3. nominated you for liebster, too. ahaha
    check it out on my blog.

  4. That satchel is so so lovely!
    I'm your newest follower :)

  5. aaarrrggghhh i have to have that bag! i have been eyeing these babies up since i bought a purse by Michael Kors designed for your I phone but i am trying to be a good girl and not spend so much.

    great pics hunny.


  6. amazing dress!
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know!

  7. I really love your bag!
    I honestly want a neon/bright bag.
    I think poppy red, white, or neon green would a perfect fit...
    but after seeing this orange color, I wonder how it would fit with my skin tone!
    Lovely post

    Velia | Cocoamourr