Friday, April 26, 2013

This Week's Nerdly Beautiful - Sheryl Sandberg

Hey guys! Today's post is slightly different from the norm, as I present to you someone who truly inspires me, and is indeed a "nerdy beautiful!" - Sheryl Sandberg!

A brief history: Sheryl Sandberg is an American business executive who served as the chief operating officer of Facebook since 2008. In June 2012, she was also elected to the board of directors by the existing board members, becoming the first woman to serve on its board.

 Before Facebook, Sandberg was Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google. She also was involved in launching Google's philanthropic arm Before Google, she served as achief of staff for the United States Department of the Treasury. In 2012, she was named in Time 100, an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world assembled by Time! As a woman in computing, I aspire to be some day as successful and as influential as she is. :)

Sandberg is also the author of the bestselling book Lean In. After observing plenty of when rise and stall on their way up the leadership ladder, she draws upon these experiences and keen insights in Lean In. She examines women's struggles with leadership, dissects the causes of real-ife career roadblocks and empowers women to "lean in" to reach their full potential. I'm yet to read this book, but it's on my to-do list for this summer! 

Check out her TED talk here on why we have too few women leaders.

Who inspires you? I'd love to know! Leave a comment below :)



  1. Love her! Her and Chimamanda Adichie inspire me! Chimamnda is also nerdly beautiful! You should do a blogpost on her :)

    1. I most certainly will! I really like that I decided to start blogging on people that inspire me, I have a good number of people in mind and it'll also enable me keep up with their lives as I plan on updating the posts from time to time. :)